The Blogs Author

The Blogs Author

My Name is Kerry, I’m 31 years old. I enjoy sewing, fashion and thrift store shopping. This blog is devoted to all of these things wrapped into one called, Refashioning or Upcycling. What is refashioning? Well it is taking clothes that are too big, small, ugly or boring and making them into something you love. An added bonus is when you don’t have to sew and all you have to do is cut.
I started out refashioning clothes a little over a year ago because I gained some weight and didn’t want to just get rid of my clothes. I first started out researching things on the internet that I could do to make my clothes bigger or smaller so that it would fit my child. Then I found so many other ideas. I found how to make out dated clothes more fashionable, so I started buying thrift store finds and making them more fashionable. I found gift ideas; I was able to make scarves for my family members out of used t-shirts.
I also love that it is recycling. The more you upcycle the less waste is just dumped into our landfills, that makes this hobby even better.
Many of the ideas posted on this blog are from Pinterest but I’ve put my own spin on them after trying it out. If I do post an idea from Pinterest there will be a link you can click on and that will bring you straight to the source.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I enjoy sharing many ideas and projects with you.


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